What you loved from our menu this summer 2017

  • Emiliano D'Alessandro
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Tartare of Tuna

Tuna Almadrava from Cadiz with avocado cream and condiment of chef and micro salad. What is Almadrava ?  An ingenious system invented by the Phoenicians 3000 years ago  – the nets are positioned precisely in the section of the sea where the fish is at its most succulent.

Marbella Bio

Two time in a week we receive our bucket of vegetables of the season and chef selects from this bucket what is gonna put in his plate. Every time it was a surprise and even our stuff did never know what was in plate !!
The plate with the different vegetable boiled or row in low temperature all what you get is the best detox for the day.

Crouton Francais

What is Crouton ? Normally we put a crouton in a soups, the small grilled pieces of bread. The Suggestions of the day was the Crouton Francais. Lets say was a big Crouton!
We really loved what enjoyed this plate and were happy about compliments we’ve got from you.
It was a small success and we decided to keep during 2 month this as Speciality.

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