Coming soon … Flamenco Guitare in La Virginia

Every year Maria Testa, the founder of the musical events in Marbella and the web site www.musicaconencan organize the musical evening in Urbanization La Virginia. And as usual her events not only cultural and full of expression of art,  this year the title of the musical event promises evening  “dolce“ and romantique … “


About José Carlos Gómez, will interpréter of Recital de guitarra flamenca

He was an old man since he was a kid. José Carlos Gómez grew up in a city where the guitar was already a legend. Paco de Lucía, at that time, was a myth, although people had already forgotten the old shadow of other local guitars, with the hands of women, the blind or children of bottles. At those Heights, as Felix Grande would say, it was impossible to touch badly. But that young player who played soon in the National Ballet played what he already was, a prodigy. Content and curious, but bold. All the ingredients for the greatest success, which is wisdom. The greatest proof of his talent, long distilled, is this album, with a strict palette of composers, which travels from alegrías to seguiriya, passing through bulerías, sometimes paired with soleares.


The date of event : Saturday, 30 of June de 2018, at  9:30 pm